As part of this program’s coordination, the monitoring and evaluation of regional indicators will be used to evaluate and compare the performance of the tax and customs administrations of the beneficiary Member States (MS).

Description of main activities

  • 1. Methodology for monitoring and reporting

    Development of a harmonized monitoring and reporting methodology for the Fiscal Transition (FT) common to both Commissions

  • 2. Project proposal

    Proposal for a draft ECOWAS decision describing the methodology for monitoring and evaluating the fiscal transition consistent with that in force within WAEMU

  • 3. National Operational Monitoring Committee

    Support for the creation of a National Operational Monitoring Committee (and a Focal Point) for the Fiscal Transition in each Member State that lacks one

  • 4. Platform for dialogue and sharing of experience

    Formalization of a platform for dialogue and sharing of experience on FT (Commissions/MS)

  • 5. Data bank

    Implementing a database for exchanging tax and customs information

  • 6. Center of excellence

    Operationalization within each Commission of the functions for monitoring Fiscal Transition Programs and monitoring and reporting on standardized indicators to create a center of excellence for data, technical capacity, and advisory support to MS on Fiscal Transition